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I used Zurich when there was a major issue in my car that had to do with the actuator motor in the air conditioner. That was a warrantied part and the dealership contacted Zurich about it. At first, they told me the part wasn’t covered under the warranty. But when I investigated further, they told me that they didn’t know I had a Zurich warranty. They thought I had a Chrysler warranty even though I brought the dealership all the paperwork. That was not great. When I went through the paperwork, it seemed very clear to me that everything in my car is pretty much covered except for the upholstery. In the future, I will know that right off the bat and I won’t have to go back and forth with the dealer. Zurich has been fine so far.

Liza, Sag Harbor, NY – Via ConsumerAffairs

Took my vehicle in for scheduled maintenance and they discovered an unexpected, needed repair that cost approximately $1800. Appreciated that Toyota contacted Zurich directly who approved the repair and paid for it (minus my deductible). My only “complaint” in general is that I was required to pay a deductible. The whole concept of a deductible is stupid and punitive IMO and while it seems to be a standard across various insurance industries it should be abandoned if the industry truly want to be consumer-friendly (versus, you know, trying to squeeze every penny out of the customer).

Elizabeth of Seattle, WA – Via ConsumerAffairs

When I bought the new car, I felt more comfortable having a warranty. I paid no bill because Zurich approved our claim in a timely manner.

John of Rosemont, IL – Via ConsumerAffairs

Excellent service and customer service! All repairs were outstanding and looked better than new. Would recommend anyone to purchase or have a Zurich plan. Thanks again to my dealership for being prompt and handling my issue!

Latrell of South Glens Falls, NY – Via ConsumerAffairs

Had a check engine light and some engine sputtering. I brought it in and my service advisor made sure everything went well and ensured that Zurich would cover work before proceeding. I work for Audi of Minneapolis and BMW of Minnetonka is in our dealership group. I was supposed to have a disappearing deductible, but it seems I was still charged. Other than that, everything was smooth and great. Zurich even covered part of an upgrade required to my car!

Tony of Minnetonka, MN – Via ConsumerAffairs

I’m a person that likes to be prepared in case anything happens. I purchased the Zurich Vehicle Service Contract and I had my tires rotated. I waited at the dealership and it was quick. It took under an hour. I wasn’t charged anything. I’m lucky I haven’t had to really utilize the service contract.

Garrett of Oklahoma City, OK – Via ConsumerAffairs

I always have a vehicle service contract and my car is currently covered by Zurich. I had a claim for the recall on our 2020 Edge and everything went good with it. They notified us and they took the car in and done repairs. There was no problem and hardly took no time. I also didn’t have to pay anything. My direct interactions with their reps were good too.

David of Lakeland, FL – Via ConsumerAffairs

I have a Zurich contract and my experience is good, but when I took the warranty, they told me that all service is free, but they are now charging. They charged $39 for the latest service. Otherwise, the coverage is okay.

Monowar of Buffalo, NY – Via ConsumerAffairs

I purchased the two-year extended warranty and it has already came in handy. I just had a battery issue so I took the vehicle back to where I bought it and they handled everything for me. The portion of coverage they offered seem fair and the repair took about a day, which was quick.

Jared of Altoona, IA – Via ConsumerAffairs

When buying an after-market extended warranty policy you never know what’s really covered and if you’re going to get the answer your policy doesn’t cover that part. I needed a radiator and a reprogramming of my software. That’s all I paid is the $100.00 deductible for a $2300.00 invoice. I would highly recommend Zurich to anyone especially for high-end cars which no one likes to insure.

Ken of Peabody, MA – Via ConsumerAffairs

I have had to use the service contract 3 times now. Each time has made me immensely happy that I purchased it. So far the comprehensive service contract has lived up to what I was expecting when purchased completely, covering the costs of all needed repairs as well as rental cars 2 of the times when necessary.

Sean of Poulsbo, WA – Via ConsumerAffairs

I always get a vehicle protection plan when I buy a vehicle and Zurich is top-notch.

Dennis of Fayetteville, NC – Via ConsumerAffairs

Unforeseen Repairs – Problem Solved.

New Car Warranties No Longer Protect The Average Length Of Ownership

People are keeping their cars longer. If you’ve even thought the bumper-to-bumper warranty that came with a new car didn’t cover a repair like you expected, made you feel nervous, and didn’t enhance your service lane experience, you may be right.

New Car Warranties cover defective parts and assembly errors††††

With Eligible You Get Up To $15,000 Of Paid Repair Service Included

Compare any new car warranty booklet from the last 60 years and you will see little has changed. Car manufacturers’ are still only responsible for “part defects and assembly errors”. Advancements in vehicle technologies have out paced the protection manufacture warranties provide new car owners.

Vehicle Service Contracts are designed to add additional protection.

Average Base Warranty coverage ends in 36 months††

With Eligible Limit Your Repair Expenses For The Next 6 Years

It is well known that the new car warranty period ends when common sense says they should really just be starting. This leaves new car owners vulnerable to expensive general, post warranty and emergency repair expenses.

Average car finances for a minimum of 66 months†††

Stay Covered Past The Expiration of The New Car Warranty

Unsurprisingly, costly vehicle repairs can occur outside of your original new car warranty, which is why we are providing new car owners and buyers a convenient way to enroll online into a Vehicle Service Contract underwritten by Universal Underwriters Service Corporation a member company of Zurich North America that eliminates expensive unforeseen repair expenses and service lane negotiations.

ELIGIBLE HAS Your NEW CAR covered beyond the warranty.




















How We Do It

New Car Warranty Protection Exclusively for New Car Owners

Whether you are shopping for your next car or have recently purchased, our online calculator makes the enrollment process simple, fast and hassle free.

Eliminate Unnecessary Financial Risk and Repair Negotiations

You can travel freely knowing your vehicle is protected from unforeseen repair bills and service lane back and forth giving you complete peace of mind for years with coverage backed by Zurich.

Online Equals Saving And A Hassle Free Experience

We don’t try to shoehorn customers into plans that don’t fit. We provide the #1 vehicle service contract that delivers what clients expect from Eligible.

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